Hello! I‘m Sabine

I always like these “About Me” pages quite a bit, so it’s usually one of the first clicks I make on new websites. Do you do this too?

Often, these pages are written in third person and say very little about the real individual. I frequently find them to be cold and distant.

That kind of writing doesn’t suit me. Therefore, I’m going to be immediately open and authentic to you, so that you can get to know me from my emotional side.

Most HR departments would probably throw their hands up in horror when they read my career history. Because my life was a roller coaster ride for a long time.

... and that is precisely my biggest strength.

Let me tell you part of my story:


Do you still remember your first great love and your first relationships?  
Butterflies in your stomach, many “first times” and a liberating youthful naivety.
For many people, these memories are among the most formative experiences of their lives.

This period was also formative for me. However, it was a traumatic experience:
As a young woman and mother of a son who was just 4 months old, I was the victim of a violent partner.
Yes… You read that correctly...
Can you imagine how I felt at that time?
Words cannot express the situation at all. But you can probably envision it: as a result of the horrific, I had to go to the hospital and almost died.

I had finally hit rock bottom. I’m not sure I would have survived this period without the help of my parents.
… and that has not been the only profound shock in my life.

A few years later, I was once again faced with the shards of my life and had to find happiness anew.
After 24 years of marriage, I was newly divorced. It was time for me to make a new start.
There was no other way. I knew I could not succeed with a new start if I was still in my old environment.
So, in 2016, I packed my bags and moved from the tranquil town of Schweinfurt to Germany’s exciting capital.
And now I’m sitting here in Berlin, looking back and telling you openly and honestly about my past.
Why am I telling you all this?

I never gave up. I fought my way back up from each low point bit by bit.
In recent years, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone more than once, overcoming fears and often simply ignoring them so as not to be sidetracked from my goals.
Yes, I’ve been hurt along the way, experienced disappointment, and cried into my pillow at night.
But I have always known that I can do it, that I have this strength in me to survive even these negative things. I have the confidence and enough self-love inside me to brave the storms of life!

During long walks in nature, I reflected and wrote down what I wanted in order to live a fulfilled life. In the process, I found my calling.
As a life coach, I accompany other people on their path to their own personal happiness. That is my passion!

Many experiences from my past help me and my clients to solve even the most difficult challenges. But it’s not that easy to be a professional coach. I quickly realized that I could offer even more effective coaching with some external support. That’s why I completed training to become a certified NLP Master (neuro-linguistic programming) and continue to educate myself consistently. 

And finally, I began to bring my dreams to fruition. My next goal was set – I decided to get my motorcycle license. Unlimited freedom and independence – that’s what I want!
The first driving lessons were very bumpy, and I made a lot of mistakes. After tipping over the driving school motorcycle several times, I realized how heavy a motorcycle like that could be. My self-doubt grew stronger…
But even though the road wasn’t easy, I kept at it. I kept getting up and kept my eyes on my goal.

I can still remember one driving lesson in particular. It was a night drive, where almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The weather was as if it were the end of the world: strong cloudbursts… heavy downpours… me on the road on two wheels… in addition to the darkness…
But if you really want something from deep within you, you move Heaven and Earth to achieve it, won’t you?And that’s how it was for me.
The night drive felt like a trial to me. A trial about my life: Do I give up, or do I hang in there?
I have hung in there.

Finally, the reward followed: the practical motorcycle test was easy, and shortly after my 50th birthday I held my motorcycle license in my hand, looked proudly at my Suzuki SV 650 in front of my door, and enjoyed the first ride in true freedom.
Riding a motorcycle is real, sparking passion that enlivens my heart. My dream came true!
Beaming with joy, I told everyone around me about this topic, made new friends on many rides, and was even recommended as an editor. 

Perhaps my story left you a bit speechless and you wonder why I’m telling you this so openly.
This period has shaped my “Why”:
I want to bring about change in your life. A path to more independence, development, self-determination, and well-being. My drive is to pick you up where you are right now and go, together with you, where you want to go. I want to make your life easier and more fulfilling.
Through my past experiences, the knowledge from my certifications, and my personal support, you can spare yourself this energy-sapping path and hop on a direct road to your fulfilled life.
Is your life also very turbulent? And can you imagine that, with my support, you could finally achieve your positive change? Then let’s talk about it together:

You deserve it!