Do you want a change in your life?

Sabine Osmanovic - Life & Vision Coach

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When you work with me as a coach, you get your own, individual, step-by-step path to finally achieving the positive change you desire.

Do you find yourself in this situation time and time again?

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you thought they would. 

Things develop in unforeseen directions, and events occur that can throw you completely off track. We sometimes simply need support from the outside, especially in the areas of Relationships & Private Life and Work & Career.

You lack direction and need guidance about the exact next steps of what you need to do to make a positive change. The exciting thing is that you already have the solution inside of you. It’s just that you’re not quite aware of it yet.

And it’s this exact point I help you with in my coaching.


This coaching will be your positive change.

Finding a good coach is complicated. Often, they apply their standard approach to you. It may work in some aspects, but not for the whole situation.

With me, there is no standard approach for coaching. You get an individual solution customized just for you. individuelle Lösung.

That’s why I ask you to arrange a free preliminary consultation. Here, we can get to know each other and see together if I can help you in your situation.

After our preliminary meeting, you have a choice for our coaching sessions: We can meet either at my coaching room in Berlin or via a video conference. It’s completely up to you and how you would feel most comfortable.

In your first coaching session, I get to know where you are mentally at this present moment. You tell me about your situation, your challenges, your desires, and your vision for your future. 

I listen to you empathetically, read between the lines, and ask you the right questions. Together, we proceed step by step to where you want to go. To your goal.

Is my way of coaching suitable for you?

In order for the coaching to work for you, it is important that there is a good fit between us. Before you sign up for the preliminary consultation, I ask that you go through the following points.

Coaching is suitable for you if:

  • You are longing for a change and/or looking for help with an upcoming challenge.
  • You need orientation and clear next steps toward your goal.
  • You are also open to talking with me about deeper problems.
  • You want to improve your quality of life and to walk the path to a fulfilled life with more independence, self-determination, security, success & happiness.

If the following points apply, then the coaching will unfortunately not be appropriate for you:

  • You don’t really want change, and you accept your dissatisfaction.
  • You are not willing to work on yourself and to go through the process together with me.
  • Du bist nicht bereit, in Dich und Deine positive Veränderung Zeit und Geld zu investieren.

Is coaching with me suitable for you? Super. This is the first step towards your goal! Let’s make an appointment right away so we can talk about how I can help you in your situation:

My “Why” in accompanying you on your path:

In my life, things didn’t always go as I had imagined. Feel free to read my story on the “About Me” page. Maybe you will see yourself in it.

I know what it means to get started and how painful the path can be. But I also know how much joy it can bring to walk that path successfully.

This process has cost me a lot of energy, time, and strength. I would like to spare you that, which is why I accompany you on your path.

It is through this past experience that my own “Why” has emerged:

I want to bring about changes in the lives of my clients. More independence, development, self-determination, and well-being. My drive is to pick you up where you are right now and go with you, together, where you want to go. I want to make your life easier and more fulfilling!

In over 10,000 coaching hours and more than 7 years of experience, I have helped many clients on their way to a fulfilled life through my insights and intuition. The combination of theory and practice is one of my elements of success. That’s why I am also a trained NLP Master, and soon, I am also a systemic humanistic job and career coach based on the teachings of Schulz von Thun. Take a look at these success stories:

Here are a few excerpts from the success stories of my clients:

“Sabine Osmanovic loves people – and people love her. With a wide heart and a clear mind, she finds pragmatic and easy-to-implement solutions, even for complex situations.”

Matthias Friedrich, Managing Partner at MFConsults


“Sabine is a wonderful coach: by asking specific questions, she makes problems, tasks to be done, and the positives become visible. She looked at my life situation holistically – meaning not only my job, but also my family environment, as well as my personal value system. One session was enough to inspire me! Thank you very much!”

Dagmar Judith Schwarz, Berlin

“My friends ask me: How do you get all this sorted out? That’s relatively simple: I have someone here who actively supports me. Sabine starts with her “Why”: Her drive is to pick up her clients where they are and go with them where they want to go. To make their lives easier. That’s what she burns for!”

Jan Reuter, Owner of the Central Apotheke in Walldürn

Feel free to check out more success stories from my clients. 

Let's get to know each other...

Each person deserves to be happy and satisfied and to design (alt. create, shape, live) their life according to their own ideas and wishes. 

No matter what situation you are in: 

  • You want to save your current professional or private situation.
  • You would like to work together with me to help you process a drastic or traumatic experience.
  • Or maybe it’s something else entirely that you need support with right now.

Let’s talk about your situation together.
Click the button right now. Then we can get to know each other, and you will finally take one step closer to your positive change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the coaching take place? 
Neither online (via Zoom) or in my coaching room in Berlin (Choriner Straße 20, Prenzlauer Berg). If desired, we can also meet for a walk.

Do you offer your coaching in multiple languages?
Yes. I gladly offer coaching in English and German.

Which payment methods are available?
You can either pay in advance with cash or PayPal, via an invoice, or on-site using an EC card or credit card.

Do you also offer job coaching via AVGS (Arbeits- und Vermittlungsgutschein)?
Yes, in cooperation with training providers. Feel free to contact me to discuss everything else.

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You want a change in your life? Then don't put it off any longer and let's talk about it together: