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“Sabine Osmanovic loves people – and people love her. With a wide heart and a clear mind, she finds pragmatic and easy-to-implement solutions, even for complex situations.”

With warmest recommendation
Matthias Friedrich
Managing Partner
Executive Search und Business Consultants, Herford

Ralf Metzenmacher

Dear Sabine,

This can be said about you:

To propel one’s own business forward or to start one’s own business…, to find an effective, successful way to enjoy work. THIS is quite wonderfully possible with your support, Sabine Osmanovic. You inspire from the first moment on. Your joy in your work, and in innovative approaches and new ideas, is contagious. You know how to motivate and to ask the right questions to guide thought processes in new, sometimes surprising, and always helpful, goal-oriented directions. With your expertise, your efficient, clear approach, and your empathic way of interacting, you manage to shift even what previously seemed ‘impossible’ into the realm of the feasible. Creating a business plan, marketing, etc. … no matter what topics I ‘despair of’ when establishing my self-employment, you always have the right tips and steps to take at the ready.

And to anyone reading this: are you just about to start a new business, or are you looking for more quality, effectiveness, and innovative ideas for your own business? With Sabine Osmanovic as your consultant and coach, you will succeed! And by the way, personal growth is ‘pre-programmed’ into the empathetic work of Ms. Osmanovic, which ultimately has the effect of benefitting both your business and you as a person.

Thank you for your support and motivation!”

Gesine Teufer, Veitshöchheim

“Dear Ms. Osmanovic,

Thank you for your wonderful commitment and support.
For a long time, we had noticed that something was not running smoothly in our team. Staff meetings, individual discussions, team meetings … we were not getting anywhere, we were running in circles, nothing was changing.
As a boss, I noticed that we were no longer working efficiently, the mood in the team was irritable, and morale was suffering.
Instead of playful ease, the daily tasks became harder to watch and wore me down.

Fortunately, I then heard about your coaching, and after our first contact, I already knew that you were the right person for us.
Developing new ideas together, even ones that were off the beaten track, was a lot of fun for my team and me.
The fact that you can communicate with each employee on their wavelength and incorporate the motivations and expectations of the individual team members into the overall context for the team has completely impressed me. We can work more at ease as a team, communicate better, and understand each other. I can truly highly recommend you to all teams who want to work together in a more relaxed and efficient way.

Again, thank you so much for this!”

mk, Berlin

“Through the task-based program that you recommended to me, I always had an overview of the status of the tasks. My employee saved a lot of time by reviewing her work processes and was then able to focus on the most important things, without losing sight of the others. For me, working with you, Ms. Osmanovic, was a great success.

For anyone who wants to work more efficiently. I’ve also recommended you to others – and still do – because I am impressed by you.”

Elisabeth Motsch, Personal Development with Style and Etiquette

"Before I came to Sabine, I was biting my teeth on a "career-defining" project that was in danger of toppling over and was correspondingly insecure.

Within one session, Sabine was able to formulate my problem and give me a nudge in the right direction.

After the session, a weight initially fell off my shoulders and a feeling of freedom and limitless possibilities replaced despair, fear and helplessness.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who knows exactly how to formulate their overall goal and is looking for the right way to get there!"

M. S., Berlin

“I’ve struggled with my bookkeeping and always left it until it became a huge mountain and harder and harder to begin. It wasn’t until the tax office sent me letters setting deadlines that I sat down to spend weeks sorting through the old documents. In addition, I always had an uneasy feeling, because I knew that the mountain was getting bigger and bigger.

I asked you for advice, because you convey a professional impression and I kept coming across you on Facebook.
Thanks to your tip to set a weekly appointment for myself for bookkeeping, I now always do my bookkeeping right away and save myself a lot of searching – and I’m usually done in half an hour. That gives me a really good feeling.

For anyone who doesn’t know how to organize and structure themselves and/or their office operations, I highly recommend hiring you.”

Renate Herold, Veitshöchheim

Relationships & Private Life

“Sabine is a wonderful coach. By asking specific questions, problems, to-dos, and positives become visible. She looked at my situation holistically – not only at work, but also in my family environment and my personal value system. One session was enough to inspire me! Thank you very much!”

Dag Schwarz, Berlin

“Good evening, Ms. Osmanovic. I watched and listened to some videos of yours this evening, and I was very inspired by how you are approaching your new phase of life in business, as well as in your personal life

You have grown, evolved, made positive changes, and matured into a very special person over the course of your change process. This has motivated me very much to continue and optimize my own change process with self-confidence and deep gratitude for the new opportunities it offers.

Thank you for your inspiration.”

Herbert Meier, Bühl

Often, it’s a floating and an indistinguishable line between Work & Career and Relationships & Private Life

Personal Coaching with Sabine Osmanovic. A report on the experience.

“She came, she smiled, and she brought happiness with her!

With this description, in all its succinctness, I summarize my first encounter with Sabine Osmanovic. Her profound knowledge and her charming and impressive way of conveying it are literally ‘worth their weight in gold.’ With her very structured approach and her know-how, Sabine can coax you along the path and thus move things along, get things going, that had previously appeared to be deadlocked and almost impossible.

Her soft, yet clear emphases in the right places also led me to a process that flowed, meaning a goal-oriented development process that enabled me to become successful.

With great joy, she guides her clients – very carefully and yet firmly – into a position that allows one to be able to follow one’s own path upright and clearly. Her self-effacing manner is very helpful and her competence unquestionable. I can therefore highly recommend Sabine and encourage everyone to seek her advice on complicated processes and ideas and to allow changes in partnerships. Thanks, Sabine Osmanovic.

With best recommendations.”

Ralf Metzenmacher

“In a time of upheaval and reorientation, many questions had arisen that I had approached with some uncertainty. Above all, financial issues and planning for the future were predominant – and my own ideas and resources were not sufficient at the time to tackle the upcoming issues and necessary change processes in a structured and creative manner.

Sympathy and empathy were especially important to me, as well as a skillful and open attitude toward my questions and doubts. From the very first conversation, it was clear to me that I was in good hands with Sabine Osmanovic and that she would pick me up where I was at the moment. Our work together was characterized by a high degree of respect from the very first conversation – this made it easier for me to address even unpleasant topics and to shed light on them together with Sabine. This outsider’s view on my issues, as well as the creative way of working together on solutions suitable for me, have taken away my insecurity and given me the motivation to tackle and change things. It was always important that the solution was my own and not ‘predetermined’ … because only when it felt right could I fully stand behind it. To achieve this, Sabine put in a lot of effort and did not accept half-solutions. Critical and well-placed questions have greatly supported my processes.

I recommend Sabine Osmanovic to all people who need motivation in their business or private life (because one usually influences the other) to follow new paths or to question old patterns. If you are looking for skilled, empathic, motivational, and appreciative support in developing new ideas and strategies you can feel well looked after here.”

D. N., Kolitzheim - Naturopath

“I had the pleasure to meet Sabine Osmanovic during a business coaching program we both attended. Sabine is an amazing person who is truly present when she’s interacting with people. She has the maturity given by the experience in her field. She’s incredibly gentle and understands very quickly your needs. I’ve been asking Sabine a whole series of questions about my business starting with how to make invoices the proper way to what I could do next to gain more visibility. Each and every time, Sabine was amazingly clear and concise and gave me the proper direction under her constant guidance. I am feeling blessed that Sabine appeared on my path when I needed answers to my billions of questions. Sabine is a real hearted person happy to see you succeed and learn. Her presence and energy and mastery are priceless for your success. Sabine knows the way SO! Well that she is truly a gift to your business growth. Take the ride with her and get to the next level!”

Nabila Bardine, PhD, Business Owner and Holistic Life Coach.

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